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Encompass Trading (Pty) Ltd, is a private business founded in 2018. We really want people to find a haven in our busy world where they could use our products and services effectively and affordable. We are deeply passionate about values and beliefs. As starters, We are manufacturer and Supplier of High-quality Household Cleaning detergents, Car Wash Cleaning Products, Industrial & commercial Cleaning Chemicals and Hospital/Clinic Hygiene Products. We are very serious about the types of products that we choose to sell and the services we have to deliver.

Our vision is to ensure a friendly use of our products that are hygienic and environmental friendly. To provide you, the customer with excellent products at a great price, keep growing and to open a point distribution in the near future.

We offer cleaning services. Affordable price ever, Our Cleaners gives you a sparkle Cleaning services. Cleaner brings our cleaning products and supplies and vacuum cleaner to appointments. If you'd like your cleaner to use your own products, please add a note to your appointment with relevant instructions or contact us through your dashboard.

All products are not necessarily available at the factory. Availability shown is the online store availability.
For availability of any of our cleaning products or household use of cleaning detergent combo, please request a quote.

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